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Date: 14th September 2016
Concept Study
What Could This Product Be?In the concept phase, a multitude of ideas are generated, considered and developed into potential product concepts. Our designers ask the right questions upfront that will eventually lead the team to conceptual design solutions and minimize future problems. At the end of this phase, we know what the product could be.Concept Study DeliverablesConceptual design proposalsCompetitive benchmark studyFeasibility studyPreliminary cost and schedule estimatesRisk identificationUsing a multitude of sketches and form studies, industrial designers explore what the product could be. Industrial designers generate product character and form factor possibilities.Designers gather and analyze information including ergonomic and performance requirements, user scenarios, and competitive benchmarking and apply the knowledge to the conceptual designs.Mechanical, electrical and software engineers work together to develop the high-level hardware and software architecture. Designers perform in-depth feasibility studies and trade-off analysis and analyze critical components and material specifications.Early planning for manufacturing, logistics and supply chain will save time and money farther alongthe process. In addition, the engineers perform early plannin?