Topscom technology.Co.,LtD

Date: 29th August 2016
An experienced staff of engineers dedicated to In-circuit Test development, paired with an extensive set of development tools, make Topscom your ideal test solution supplier.ICT OverviewTopscom Electronics has extensive development experience on multiple In-Circuit Test (ICT) platforms. Agilent 307x and Teradyne/Genrad tools are fully supported by an engineering staff dedicated to test development and support. Multiple CAD translation tools are used to convert virtually any CAD file into the necessary test files. Test development laboratories, universal development fixtures, and Flynn Systems software aid in the development of custom device tests.In-System Programming (ISP), Boundary Scan, FPGA configuration, and Flash programming techniques are utilized to maximize test coverage and provide a turnkey solution for the manufacturing environment. Topscom is an industry leader in the use of wireless fixture technology. On-site test development services (installation, debug, and production start-up) are also offered. Test developments are completed using Topscom ISO9001 compliant documentation process. This includes a test coverage report providing detailed test analysis to the device level.Topscom experienced engineering staff and extensive development tools make us the ideal partner for your test development needs.