Topscom technology.Co.,LtD

Date: 24th August 2016
PCB Fabrication
Products and ServicesTopscom has the ability to build virtually all multilayer board designs produced.Multilayer TechnologiesQTA and PrototypingHigh Performance MaterialsMCM/SubstratesMicroviaBackpanelsCapabilitiesTechnology RoadmapEngineering ServicesSurface FinishesProduct DevelopmentProduction EquipmentResearch and DevelopmentFront End CapabilitiesAnalytical ServicesMaterialsTopscom has extensive experience with materials,Website:, ranging from mid-range FR-4 to Polyimide, Teflon, Cynate Ester and BT. Hybrid application for complex RF, Microwave, and Antenna products are our specialty. The use of High Tg, Low loss 's High speed Dielectrics is growing with the increasing functionality and speed for the character, voice and image path transition. ?Topscom can provide alternative solutions for hard to find materials based on desired electrical performance requirements.Materials ChartBuried CapacitanceHybrid ApplicationsBuried Resistors?Pcb Layout Experience?ExperienceCapabilityYear Experience10N/ALayout Size16'' X 13''All dimensionPoint Connect20,000 pinDesign dependentLayers20 layersDesign dependentSpeedGIGA / OC48Up to 10 GTrace Thickness?, 1 oz Cu?????oz CuTrace Width5/6/8 mil? 3 milMaterialFR-4 natural expoxyFR 4-06Dielectric Thickness5 mil? 4 milBackplane24 layersDesign dependentICT Test Point100%100%