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Date: 29th August 2016
Prototyping And New Product In
Topscom engages with customers to fully understand their product needs. We then quickly prototype and mock-up alternatives to test,Website:, analyze, and prove concepts. Topscom works to refine intelligent, cost-effective solutions using intuitive access and assembly that minimizes fasteners and other tools when possible.Leveraging CompetenciesUsing a multidisciplinary approach to product development, Topscom facilitates new product introduction through cross-enterprise collaboration and concurrent efforts. Within this process, guidelines can be tailored to specific program requirements. Topscom?s extensive prototyping experience includes concept exploration, design validation, marketing promotion, and tradeshow or seed requirements.Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)Embedded within new product introduction, APQP is a structured process for ensuring that our customer requirements and expectations are satisfied. This process supports NPI, product and process changes, and transfer of product and manufacturing, which facilitates true concurrent engineering throughout.