Topscom technology.Co.,LtD

Date: 14th September 2016
Prototyping And Product Introd
Topscom offers complete prototyping and product introduction services for process verification, initial product introduction ramp and transfer to volume manufacturing. Our product introduction centers are the key enabler of concurrent design of products and processes. Program Managers, the customer dedicated point-of-contact, are responsible for transfer of the project from the design organization to the product introduction center and volume manufacturing. Staffed with advanced manufacturing engineers and technicians, quality and test engineers, and highly skilled operators, product introduction centers have expertise in engineering development, program management, process optimization, prototyping and value engineering services to ensure customer time to market and time to volume requirements.Our services include:Quick turn prototypesRF and antenna prototypingMechanical plastics and metalElectrical and PCB/PCBABox buildFull suite of test servicesSupply chain managementEngineering supportFull system integration?Transfer to local factory